Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't Look Down

Okay, stay focused on the long-term. Don't think about the short-term. Plan for the summer not the winter. Ignore the snow and frozen pipes. Don't look down.

Most of the track day groups have published their 2009 schedules. Here's a possible schedule for next year:
That's an aggressive schedule for me. 13 track days is more than I've ever done in a year (I attended 11 in 2008). And 5 out-of-state trips is 4 more than I've taken since 2002. But ORP and Portland are only a few hours away so it's doable.

Unless, of course, I'm snowed in, or have water problems, or lose power, or become a victim of any of the other weather-related fiascoes Seattle seems to enjoy.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trip the Light Craptastic

I'm at home today. Not entirely by choice.

This does not suit the motorcycle/convertible lifestyle that I aspire to.

As a PSA: if you have a track bike (or any liquid-cooled engine that doesn't contain glycol) you might want to drain it. Cracked cylinder heads are a pain. My guys now have a small space heater keeping them company in the garage.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Santa...

It happens from time to time. I get bored then I get distracted. I start to think about the possibilities. The numbers. I'm a geek, that's what I do. And it's the holidays so it's somewhat fitting to put together a little wishlist.

What do I mean? The $207M lottery jackpot of course.

I'm a practical guy. Well, except for the British roadsters and the Ducati, and the belief that no one ever build *exactly* what I want so I have to buy it then modify it. Or wait 4 years for someone to make just what I need. I mean, really! What's the problem? Am I asking too much? ... Wait, where was I? Oh right, practical. But $207M is plenty to be practical and have a little fun. Right?

A few new toys in the garage would be okay. (Heck, probably a whole new garage!)

I'd need the basics:

Plus something a little unusual:

And maybe something very unusual:

(The doors slide forward into the fenders?!)

The Ferrari and the Ariel would clearly need to spend time on the track. So I need a way to get *to* the track. I hate flying. So maybe a nice motorcoach? This one should do:

It's only $2.1M.

It's a simple list, I'm a simple guy. Now, all I need are 6 good numbers and $1.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dark at 4:30pm?!

As much as the long summer days are great, the short winter ones stink. Sometimes a week will go buy when I don't see my house in the daylight.

Some of the 2009 track day schedules have been posted. I'm still waiting for a schedule from STAR and NESBA. But 2-Fast and Keigwins have posted schedules, as well as a few others.

The most intriguing date thus far? Keigwins has the full track at Miller on June 13th + 14th. I'm a little intimidated by some of the long straights of that track but the surface and facilities are first-rate. With some luck one of the other motorcycle groups will get the Friday before or the Monday after and make the drive worth it.

Still hoping for an early date to start the season. STAR at Spring Mountain in February sure would be nice.