Tuesday, January 19, 2010


As usual I have a single New Years Resolution for 2010. Same one I've had for about the last 12 years. "Finish more projects than I start." So far I'm about 2-of-11 on this resolution. It's just not in my blood I guess.

Will this year be different? Yes. But not necessarily because I'll be more focused. More likely it'll be different in the garage for the same reason it will be different everywhere: baby. (No, not "I love my car, she's my baby." I mean "Hey there's a pooping, screaming, yet somehow irresistibly cute baby living in my house.")

There are a few less $$ to go into starting new projects. So that'll help my resolution. And a few of the outstanding projects could bring in some $$. (Namely finishing and selling one of the cars and/or bikes.)

But, in addition to a drop in disposable income, the baby came with a little surprise: parental leave. My employer is quite generous with family leave so I have an opportunity to take alot of time off and maybe use some of that time to address some projects. ... One can always hope.

2010 will almost certainly have fewer trackdays than the last few years. But the schedule does work in my favor in some cases. Here are some of my options for motorcycle events:
  1. MotoFit at Oregon Raceway Park May 29/30 (Memorial Day weekend)
  2. MotoFit at Oregon Raceway Park July 3/4
  3. NESBA at Pacific Raceways July 17/18
  4. 2-Fast at Pacific Raceways July 24
  5. SBNW July 28 - Aug 1
  6. 2-Fast at Oregon Raceway Park July 31/Aug 1
  7. NESBA at Oregon Raceway Park Aug 28/29
  8. STAR at Oregon Raceway Park Aug 30/31
  9. MotoFit at Oregon Raceway Park Sept 4/5 (Labor Day weekend)

Clearly I won't make it to all of those. But everyone of those dates is reasonable. Almost all weekends, and at the two nearest tracks. My main target is the 4 consecutive ORP dates Aug 28-31. (I have credit with NESBA from last year, and I'd love to see STAR on a track like ORP.)

Anyway, we'll have to see how things work out. Right now I'd be happy to get a few decent days just to get back outside.