Sunday, February 21, 2010

Only in a Jeep

An unpleasant night.

The baby wouldn't sleep. She needed to be upright, moving, and holding onto her mother or I. Since momma is trying to shake off a cold I won the privilege of being a human crib. So there I was: baby in the carrier (of course it's from Jeep), unable to rest, or even really to sit down. 11pm to 2am. What to do?

Surf the internet.

I ended up reading a whole slew of articles on Sports Car Market. Here are some of the ones that caught my eye. (If you don't have an account to SCM get one. It's free and I don't think I've ever gotten a piece of spam from them. Sure 93.2% of the cars the talk about are way out of my league, but so are the Seahawks and I'm a fan of them too.)


Being partial to the roadster style I loved this car when it first came out. Its appeal has faded. The lines aren't distinctive enough. There isn't that love-me-or-hate-me-but-I'm-not-compromising look about it. Which isn't to say I wouldn't like one. I see one occasionally around the office and it's always worth a second glance.

Not Your Typical F40

If you offered me my choice of Ferraris I'd take an F40. Maybe it's because I turned 16 the year these first came out. Posters of a red Ferrari and a white Countach were required in every boys room at the time. I loved the notion a race car that was changed just enough to be street legal. No A/C, no radio, no ABS. I understand some didn't have roll-down windows or even interior door panels. Just horsepower. They were known as unforgiving cars with 470hp, this factory competition car claims 850hp.

Maserati MC12

"The Enzo was designed for high-performance work but not for serious racing" Gee, life must be rough when your $650,000 Ferrari Enzo isn't getting done. Better get one of these.

Mercedes 300SL

Resto-modded by AMG? Hmmm... I like the resto-mod concept and AMG certainly has the ability to do it right. But there are some cars that should be left unmolested. (And those wheels have got to go.)


My image of a leisurely Sunday drive down a wooded country road always includes a golden-era soft-top.

Testa Rossa

Sometimes I imagine that drive being a little less leisurely.