Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Blah

It's Memorial Day weekend. Time for BBQs, flip-flops and frisbee in the park.

Unless you're in Seattle.

Here it's time to get the umbrella, make sure you've got an extra layer of clothes, and watch the rain. <...sigh, the furnace just turned on...>

It feels like it's been a busy time at Chez Creath. But none of the activity is happening in the garage. I've had the Ducati out twice but the Daytona and the Suzuki are both sedentary. I'm considering working on the Green Machine today. It seems that 4-wheeled toys may be a better option that 2-wheeled ones.

The biggest car-related news is the purchase of a portable GPS (Garmin Nuvi 1390T) for the Nitro. I'm not a fan of GPSes but I have to admit it's a nice little widget. Certainly a better choice than paying $1900 for the OEM navigation system.

On the topic of GPSes:
I'm a geek. I'm a motorcycle fan. But I am not a motorcycle geek. I just can't help but shake my head when I talk to riders with blue-tooth, radar, GPS, cell-phone, intercom, and an MP3 player on their bike. It's exactly the opposite of why I like to ride. For me the whole purpose is to get away. Why try to get away from it if you're just going to bring it along anyway?

Well, that's assuming the rain ever stops and I get a chance to get away.