Sunday, March 29, 2009

Things Change

Yeah, it's been awhile since I posted. 'Life', it's what happens when you have other plans.

Big changes are on the horizon for the garage-life. My wife is expecting our first child in September. (Thank you. And, to the smart-ass in the peanut gallery: keep your 'condolences' to yourself.)

One of the biggest questions I've been asked is: "When are you going to sell the motorcycles?" And the answer to that is "I'm not, unless I run out of money." My wife is okay with the bikes, and I confine my true craziness to the track where it's comparatively safe. So the bikes and toy cars are staying.

However, that doesn't mean things will be unchanged. First, it means my wife will take some time away from work and that means less disposable income and that means fewer track days. Second, it means fewer trips. (She has some funny notion that I shouldn't go to an out-of-state event on Sept 29/30 if she's due on Sept 25th. ?!?! Women.) Third, the garage layout needs to change. I have to move everything out of the guestroom (helmets, leathers, boots, etc) to make room for BabyX. Right now I'm planning to get one of these to handle the storage.

I'm sure a whole lot else will change too, but we'll handle that as it comes up.