Sunday, November 16, 2008

Does It Come With A "Mr Fusion"?

The wife and I were on the way to dinner last night when we came upon on oddity for Seattle: an interesting car, over 10 years old, outside of its garage between October and June. ... Rust is a bitch.

In this case it was a DeLorean DMC-12.

I'm not a huge fan of DeLorean. But, the combination of the gull-wings, stainless steel body, and Back To The Future makes it somewhat interesting.

Much to my surprise Anandi expressed some interest in one. I doubt we'd ever actually shell out $20k for one but owning a novelty car is fun to think about.

As a side note: on the way back from the game today I saw another classic car (Okay, okay. Relax. Maybe the DeLorean isn't a classic but this one really is). A Morgan Plus 4. It looked well loved and well worn. New top and skirts and tires, but well worn paint, some rust and some scars. All-in-all a nice honest car. Kudos to whoever owns it and actually uses it.


Dave Bacon said...

I watched "Back to Future" last night. I think you'd be required to add a Mr. Fusion (but why in the movie does he pour the beer out of the can and then throw the can in? Clearly there is much we do not understand about small fusion generators from the future.)

Ray and Susan said...

We actually got to test drive one once, back when they were first sold. The ride is fairly horrible! The thing collects fingerprints like you would not believe. And I no longer think we could haul our butts up out of that thing without major assistance. But it was sooooo cool!

If you're spending a few days in the Gorge, I've got a good rides book you can borrow. You know it will be a few days (months?) before my scoot is back on the road. I maybe too old to ride by the time that thing is fixed.

Ray and Susan said...

Oh, I meant a DeLaurean, not the true classic! We're not THAT old.

TJ said...

@Dave: Newtown's 4th Law - Never argue with a man in aluminum sunglasses and a tranparent tie.

@Ray and Susan: Riding season is a long way off. ... LONG way.

Ray and Susan said...

Naw, could have ridden today, if I didn't have a Brokebrake Bike. It was warm and basky today. Do not know how the weather gods let that happen.

davmp said...

I just saw something recent on TV where they were saying you can buy a brand *new* DeLorean assembled using all original factory parts that have never seen the light of day outside of a storage bin since being manufactured. Someone must've got a great deal on the bankruptcy sale or had a huge empty building that was otherwise gathering dust to have stored that many parts for this long!